Unthinkable Return Tops '' Circle '' Yo-Yo - Hand Tested 3D Printed Square YoYo

Color: White-Glow in the Dark
Sale price$ 25
Although the name is “Circle” this fixed axle yoyo is anything but circular.

This yoyo was entirely designed, 3D printed, hand-sanded, and hand-tested by Sam Fiely. “Circle” was 3D printed in one piece, so it is not unscrewable. This does not stop it from being a great and smooth performing fixed axle yoyo. Whether your purchasing this
yoyo to perform tricks, to add to your collection, or anything in between, you will be happy with this “Circle”. All models have been thoroughly tested and are considered A-Grades.

Here are the specifications:

Weight (g): 42
Diameter (mm): 50.8
Width (mm): 27

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