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Vintage, Duncan Diamond Professional Plastic looping Yo-Yo

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SKU: vf58
This vintage Diamond Professional Duncan is blue plastic with a gold foil insert seal, slimline shape and view lens. These were produced in the mid 1970's to early 1980's.

This one is a very dark blue. I almost thought it was black. In is in good condition, but has some minor blemishes and scratches. I probably could have cleaned it up better for this picture, but YoYoSam doesn't pay me enough for that.

*All of YoYoSam's Vintage Yo-Yos have been checked by a knowledgeable yo-yo collector for accuracy and authenticity. They are guaranteed to be genuine. Beware of fakes and inaccurate descriptions.

*Thanks to Lucky Meisenheimer for providing information on this yo-yo and many others in his book, Lucky's Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos. The most comprehensive Yo-Yo collectors book ever written.