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Vintage Duncan Yo-yo Mardi-Gras 1950s Half good, half terrible

$ 10.00 
SKU: VF23-15
Duncan Mardi Gras was made in the 1950s and early 60s. It was made from a Bakalite plastic that had dubious results.

This one is a Jekyl and Hyde type of yo-yo. that is, helf of it turned into a gross monster, and the other half is nice and pretty. Not sure why it aged this way, but not unusual for the Mardi-Gras. They are very special yo-yos and vey collectable, But they half fixed metal axels, so you are stuck with the nasty half if it goes south.

There are no Duncan markings visible, and the gold seal is not at all visible. But I know the Mardi Gras well, and this is one of them. Just don't look at the ugly half, it is surprisingly gross.

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*Thanks to Lucky Meisenheimer for providing information on this yo-yo and many others in his book, Lucky's Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos. The most comprehensive Yo-Yo collectors book ever written.