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W1LD (Worldwide 1nnovative Leading Design) w!ld Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal - Yang Chen Signature YoYo

$ 124.99 

Worldwide 1nnovative Leading Design is a professional competitive yo-yo brand founded by three-time China champion Yang Chen. W1LD is dedicated to designing wilder yo-yos for the wildest tricks. They see the yo-yo as a carrier of the natural wilderness. Players can feel the nature and touch the wild through the W1LD yo-yo.

w!ld is the first flagship product of W1LD and the 3× China champion Yang Chen Signature model, designed by himself.

On styling, w!ld adopts an extra-wide rim, highlighting the "wild but elegant" temperament. On performance, w!ld combines Exalted Perseus's speed & power with the stability & extreme spin time of Orion. The moment you throw w!ld, you can feel the sense of wild.

W1LD will launch seasonal limited colors according to natures seasons, enabling players to touch the wild through W1LD yoyos. Season limited packaging is different from the normal package, which is
according to the color of yoyo. The first seasonal color is mint green, 2023 spring.

Weight: 65g/2.29oz
Width: 45mm/1.77in
Diameter: 57mm/2.24in
Body Material: Aluminum
Ring Material: Stainless Steel