yoyo Zeekio Flare Yo-Yo

Color: Red
Sale price$ 32.99
The highest performing delrin yo-yo ever, from yoyo Zeekio. 

The Flare is truly a composite yo-yo.  The unique design features three different materials: Delrin plastic; Aluminum inner rings; and, Stainless Steel outer rings.  

The machined delrin creates a smooth feel and vibrant colors.

The aluminum inner rings serve as sight lines to help players keep a sharp eye and land those high speed string tricks.  

The steel outer rings add rim weight that helps make the Flare a steady and smooth throw.

Three materials working together to create a truly fantastic throw.  It looks and plays like beautifully and will most likely become one of your main go to throws.


Weight: 66.5 grams.
Width:44 mm
Diameter: 55 mm
Gap width 4.76 mm
Bearing: Standard C Size - Stainless 8 ball sealed
Silicone Response

 Ultra smooth grinds too!

Flare Review (http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=18995)

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