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yoyo Zeekio Flare Yo-Yo - Delrin, Aluminum and Steel rings

yoyo Zeekio Flare Yo-Yo - Delrin, Aluminum and Steel rings

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The Flare by yoyoZeekio is truly a composite yo-yo. The unique design features three different materials: machined Delrin plastic, aluminum inner rings, and stainless steel outer rings.

The Flare is the highest performing Delrin yo-yo ever made. The machined Delrin creates a smooth feel and vibrant colors. The aluminum inner rings serve as sight lines to help players keep a sharp eye and land those high speed tricks. The steel outer rings add rim weight that helps make the Flare a balanced and steady throw.

Three materials working together to create a truly fantastic throw. It plays as beautifully as it looks and will become one of your main go to throws.

Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know machined Delrin is great for ultra smooth grinds too!


Material:       Delrin with Aluminum and Stainless Steel Rings

Weight:         66.5 g

Diameter:      55 mm

Width:           44 mm

Gap:             4.76 mm

Bearing:        Size C - Stainless 8 Ball Sealed

Response:    Silicone Pads


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