yoyo Zeekio Quasar Yo-Yo - Performance Delrin Yo-Yo

Color: Blue
Sale price$ 36.29

Material: Delrin
Weight: 68.5 g
Diameter: 56.5 mm
Width: 41.5 mm
Gap: 5 mm
Bearing: Size C - Stainless Steel

yoyo Zeekio Quasar is one of the new high performance Delrin yo-yos. It’s made from machined Delrin for ultra smooth grinds. The Quasar has power weight rings for extra long spins and added rim weight that leads to stability.
The white Delrin with the colored power rings and hub makes this yo-yo look as good as it plays!
The yoyo Zeekio Quasar is a premium yo-yo at an amazing price!!

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