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YoYoFactory Play Yo-Yo Collection - Great Beginner YoYo with Collectible Designs

$ 9.99 

The new "Play Yo-Yo" Collection from YoYoFactory includes: Snapshot, StarLite (Glow in Dark), Voyage, PopStar, Go (Looping), and Black Cat (Looping).

These are rebranded versions of the YoYoFactory SpinStars and Loop 720s with transaxle response system. They are great yo-yos for beginners to learn with and come in several fun collectible designs!

Wing Shape Diameter: 58.66 mm / 2.31 inches
Wing Shape Width: 36.70 mm / 1.44 inches
Wing Shape Gap Width: 1.50 mm / 0.06 inches
Wing Shape Weight: 55.3 grams
Looping Diameter: 58.88 mm / 2.32 inches
Looping Width: 33.85 mm / 1.33 inches
Looping Gap Width: 2.17 mm / 0.09 inches
Looping Weight: 52.07 grams
Bearing Size: Transaxle
Response: Starburst
Material: Plastic