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YoYoFactory Turbo Grind Machine Yo-Yo - Responsive YoYo

$ 59.99 

From YoYoFactory:
The Turbo Grind Machine has a cute origin story tracing back to when Hans (Owner of YoYoFactory) invented pad response for ball bearing yo-yos. since then we have released many pad variants including the ubiquitous 19mm pad used widely in the industry today. The classic pad used in the Turbo Grind Machine started the revolution. 10 minute spin times happened, people started playing horizontal and the first long modern side style tricks were created. A few years ago the worlds supply for these pads dried up. Yo-Yos out there became obsolete... and we still had a soft spot for the warm grippy response and versatility yo-yos with these pads delivered. So we had to recreate them! the shape and name pays homage to our first metal pad yo-yo, the Grind Machine. The caps are optional but included and a 5 pack of string and spare set of pads compliment the yo-yo in the box. the play is responsive and consistent. Great for a beginner or someone looking for a snappy responsive yo-yo.

Weight: 55.5g/1.96oz
Weight with Cap: 63g/2.22oz
Width: 31.75mm/1.25in
Diameter: 4.58mm/0.18in

Comes complete in box with:
Yo-Yo, Pouch, 2 non removable lenses, 1 pack string, 2 replacement retro response pads