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Yoyoformula Beginner Yo-Yo Set - 3 Yoyos and a 10 Pack of Strings! Colors Vary!

$ 32.99 
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Yoyoformula has brought you the ultimate beginner yo-yo set at an incredible price! This set helps you learn what style of play you like best! The set includes a super fun polycarbonate plastic yo-yo with hubstacks. It also comes with a professional quality looping yo-yo and an excellent beginner mono-metal aluminum yo-yo. A 10 pack of strings is also included!

The Yoyoformula D6 is a responsive polycarbonate yoyo suitable for beginners of all ages! It features spinning caps great for pull starts, and weight rings for long spinning play! Pull starts can achieve fast RPMs without throwing for those still learning to throw!

Weight" 69g/2.43oz
Width: 43mm/1.69in
Diameter: 55m/2.17in
Material: Plastic Polycarbonate
Bearing: Size C

Yoyoformula collaborated with 2018 Asia Champion - Yi Chenghao for this Infinity Blitz Ball looping yoyo. It is a stable and durable yoyo for the 2A division, and a great beginner yoyo for any player.

Weight: 51.2g/1.81oz
Width: 33.5mm/1.32in
Diameter: 58mm/2.28in
Material: Plastic

The Yoyoformula F0S is a great responsive aluminum yoyo! Featuring a soft finish, and a classic V-shaped design with rounded corners for excellent playability and spin times! This product provides a fantastic entry into the world of aluminum yoyos! Comes equipped with a slim responsive bearing, but accepts any standard size C bearing for unresponsive play (not included).

Weight: 69g/2.43oz
Width: 41mm/1.61in
Diameter: 54mm/2.13in
Material: Aluminum
Bearing Size C