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YoYoSam Juggling Kit - Learn to Juggle - Beginner - Complete Starter Set

$ 16.99 

Perfect way to learn to Juggle with these Juggling Sets.

Learn to Juggle kit comes with 3 beginner juggling balls and 3 scarves (16").

Beginner Juggling kit comes with the same balls and scarves but adds 3 junior rings.

Complete Starter kit comes with the same balls, scarves and rings but adds 3 junior clubs

Vibrant Colors Scarves (16") are a fun and proactive approach to learn fundamental juggling principles.
Beginner juggling balls are gentle on the hands and won't roll away, making them ideal for small hands.
Junior sized juggling rings at 9.5" diameter are great size for those who are just learning.
Junior sized juggling clubs are a durable 16.75" long .

Colors May Vary