Zeekio Z1 Titanium Yo-Yo - Organic Shape YoYo

Sale price$ 199
We couldn't be more excited about Zeekio's first Titanium throw. The Z1 is everything you want in a titanium yo-yo, at an amazing price.

We set out to make a newer type of organic shape, smooth looking, feels great in your hand and plays like a dream. Designed to handle all kinds of tricks, including the newer tech tricks that take advantage of the Z1's lower bearing wall. Perfect sized finger spin area as well. But it's the stepped organic profile that gives the Z1 that soft feel and beautiful spins.

Designed by Sean Collins. First rate yo-yo designer and former member of the Zeekio Team.

The Z1 comes with a center track bearing and a free ten pack of Twisted Stringz.

It is also the first Zeekio Yo-Yo to feature the new Zeekio "Z" logo.

Width: 43mm
Diameter: 55mm
Gap Width: 4mm

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