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Zero Gravity Basilisk Yo-Yo - V-U Shaped Mono-Metal YoYo

$ 58.00 
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The creative design was inspired by an amazing creature called Basilisk. This little green lizard is capable of running on the water by keeping the center of mass within the theoretical region of stability.

Zero Gravity wanted to make a yoyo that somehow captured the elements of the Basilisk, agile and fast with a center of mass that provides great stability. A traditional V with a hint of U shape that provides a subtle curvature to reduce contact with the string and pushes out the weight toward the rims. Colorways inspired in vibrant reptile skin tones.

Weight: 65g/2.29oz
Diameter: 55.8mm/2.19in
Width: 45.5mm/1.79in
Gap: 4.6mm/0.18in
Bearing: C